What is Plastiks?

  • A digital marketplace where artists can mint NFTs backed by recycled material.
  • A provider of transparency in an opaque industry.
  • A bridge between plastic producers and plastic recyclers which allows producers to contribute to the recycling & recovery of the waste they create.
  • A way for investors to enjoy the art they love in a sustainable way.
  • A way to track the amount of plastic being recovered & recycled

What is the utility of the #PLASTIK token?

The #PLASTIK token will be the gas to unlock the platform’s utility. What does this mean? A buyer who wants to purchase a Single-Use Packaging Recovered and Recycled Guarantee (SUP) needs to have a sufficient amount of the Plastik token in their wallet in order to be able to buy this SUP.

Where can I buy the #PLASTIK token?

The #PLASTIK token is available to buy on BitMart and LBank.

What is a plastic recovery guarantee NFT?

A plastic recovery guarantee is a guarantee that shows howmuch plastic has actually been recovered and therefore does not end up in the environment.

Why would a (consumer brand) company want to buy the plastic recovery guarantee NFTs?

  • Achieve plastic neutrality and offset your plastic production by purchasing recovery guarantees of the specific type of plastic used in your single-use packaging & Comply with EU regulation on SUP​
  • Actively or passively engage in sustainability activities by incentivizing waste reduction in countries that are hit hardest by the waste in the environment and leverage this commitment to the environment across digital channels. ​
  • Leverage the power of the NFT as a communication and marketing tool to be used in your community as well as building various loyalty programs to retain customers and increase brand engagement.​

What's in it for the recyclers?

  • Recyclers are provided with an extra source of revenue.
  • Our marketplace allows recyclers to stand out as the greener option.
  • By using the marketplace, recyclers can demonstrate that they are transparent about what they recycle.
  • It allows for more engagement with the public, thus improving brand image.

Why would artists want to use our platform?

  • Creative minds with a commitment to raising environmental awereness through their act can encourage society to act.
  • NFTs are a new way for artists to make money from their art. By using the Plastiks marketplace, they have access to a low-emission blockchain network.
  • Artists can choose to add a charitable endeavour to donate a percentage of their sales to.