Create MetaMask wallet

Note: MetaMask is a ERC20 (Ethereum) wallet. Since the Plastik Token is created on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20), you will need to perform some extra actions.
1. Download the MetaMask extension from the official MetaMask website:
2. Open MetaMask
3. Select Create a Wallet.
4. Set up a strong password
5. Write down the backup seed phrase in the exact same order
The seed phrase is the key to your crypto wallet.
Saving your seed phrase correctly is the most important thing in the crypto space. You do this by writing all the words down, always double check if you have written the words down correctly. Make sure to keep them in a safe place. Never store your phrase online, or on your phone, because then hackers might be able to steal your seed phrase.
6. Confirm that you have written the seed phrase correctly.
7. Wallet is created
Congratulations! Your wallet is now created.
8. Continue to: "Configure MetaMask" (with either Binance Smart Chain, or CELO)