Plastiks Vision

We must act!

Plastic waste is everywhere and in everything, found in the deepest ocean trench, to the highest mountain tops. And partially to blame for this issue is the lack of traceability and accountability within the supply chain of single-use plastics. The recycling industry suffers from issues of transparency and deception, proving the fact that there is a need for more accountability and traceability in the recycling supply chains. These are all problems that Plastiks is here to solve.
The data speaks for itself. In terms of polypropylene, for example, 56 million tons is being produced every year, and only 3% of it is being recovered and recycled. The rest ends up in landfills or finds a home in the worlds oceans, rivers, and lands where it’ll take centuries to biodegrade. That is why the world needs Plastiks: To make sure no plastic will end up in the environment.
Consumer brand companies should be held accountable for the plastic that they are producing and that their plastic will not end up in the environment. That is why plastiks wants to incentivize Consumer Brands to purchase our plastic recovery guarantees.

NFTs are the way forward!

NFTs continue to break records. The new blockchain-based technology allows data to be stored on the blockchain as unique units (NFTs). This data can be anything from a piece of art to a song...and now a Plastic Recovery Guarentee.
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