Configure MetaMask with CELO

To connect your MetaMask wallet to the Plastiks Marketplace you need to connect with ether Binance Smart Chain, or with CELO. In this guide we will explain you how to connect with CELO.
1. Open your MetaMask wallet extension
2. Open the dropdown menu by clicking on the top right icon and click on Settings at the bottom.
3. Scroll down and click on Networks.
4. Click on Add Network
5. Fill in the following details:
Network Name: Celo (Mainnet)
ChainID: 42220
Symbol: CELO
Block Explorer URL:
6. Check the details and if filled in correctly click Save
7. Go back to the main view of MetaMask wallet
8. Check the connected Network at the top right corner, it should now be: CELO (Mainnet). If it is not, then change it to CELO (Mainnet).
9. Proceed to “Add PLASTIK token to CELO”